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Omp seats have been choosen as OEM equipment by Ferrari, Maserati and Porsche as well (in GT competition cars), Seat Sport and Chevrolet (in touring competition cars) are the characteristics of the new OMP sport seats range. Equipping the dominant Mitsubishi Pajero in the Dakar is the best real world R&D laboratory to develop seats. Refined design, high quality ...

Bride seats are among the top in the Japanese racing circuit. Our reclining seats are created for racing, with daily driveability and comfort in mind. This seat model is more ergonomically designed to fit the needs of daily driving without sacrificing the seat's holding performance. Using completely new Bride fabric material, and a redesigned head, shoulder, si ...

Competitive driving at its best. Now there is the right car seat for sporty drivers; the RECARO speed combines a sporty design and excellent lateral hold at an introductory price. For drivers with sporting ambitions who still insist on comfort. RECARO speed is the follow-up model of the former RECARO SRD. Standard features: belt guides for 4-point harness, naturally, the 3-poin ...

Sabelt seats were founded in 1972 by Piero and Giorgio Marsiaj, starting as Britax licensee and quickly became the most important manufacturer of car seat belts in Italy. In 1976, in order to standardize the release system under FISA request, Sabelt introduced the rotary cam buckle. It was also around this time that the Company developed the first special har ...

Sparco seats has proven to be one of world's most reliable, technically advanced, and expert manufacturers of car seats. Sparco race seats have been chosen by World Rally Championship and Rally marathon winners such as Lancia, Peugeot, Ford, and Mitsubishi over competitors from around the world. Sparco seats have won in nearly all of these competitions over ...

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